The role of Lua programming language in making Gmod interesting

There are so many things that have played their respective roles in making Gmod an interesting and exciting game for players who love playing sandbox games. Even veteran players of Gmod have not perhaps learned the way Lua Programming has played its role in making Gmod (Garry’s Mod) an amazingly amusing game.

Lua programming language is usually used in applications for embedded use. Lua Scripting is now a renowned feature in Gmod that allows you to create game modes, tools, vehicle, entities, and scripted weapons.

To your amazement, before the addition of Lua programming language, players were not able to make use of NPCs. In order to embed the applications, the simple C API is really admirable. Through this language, it was made possible to suit the earnest desire for customization back in the days when it was first designed in 1993.