The way you can have fun with user-created content in Gmod

It is all right to say that Gmod (Garry’s Mod) is a proverbial ocean of games allowing you to enjoy the main gameplay as well as hundreds of Mods created by users. The extensibility of the source engine offers Gmod players a nonstop creative, fun experience.

For the above purpose, Gmod allows the users to benefit from the pawn menu; as a newbie, you have to take a deep look at it to understand how you can utilize this menu turning it to good account. It is due to the spawn menu that you are able to spawn models and maps with a bang.

Almost every veteran user loves to import those models & maps that can be used by new users like you. In addition, players are able to operate their own scripts with the help of a notable feature termed as Lua Scripting with the final outcome of scripted weapons.